toes first

Even though we specifically weren’t supposed to wait until this weekend to start participating in the online role play, I did.  I procrastinate on things that I’m not too sure about, and role play is definitely one of those things (see previous post!).  So tonight I immersed myself in the Ning, explored member pages, followed links, and dipped my toes in the water.  It’s not so bad.  Just like with cold lake water, you stand in one place for a while and then the water doesn’t feel so frigid anymore.  Then you inch in a little bit farther, acclimate again, and eventually you’re neck deep and feeling fine.  Tonight I’m only ankle deep.


2 responses to “toes first

  1. This is a beautiful analogy, Debi. As with much of your blog writing, I feel so nourished after reading, both intellectually and figuratively.

    May Jesse, the Gamer Extraordinaire, finish the role-play with a splash, or at least venture in to the belly button,.

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