oh what fun…

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…it is to create a voice thread. Very fun! Of course it’s always fun to talk about one of your favorite things, which is what I did. I also did a pre-practice thread about my cat. Not sure if my cohort can handle all that excitement.

Writing with just words is a very different process for me than writing (composing) with words and images. I like language. I like words. I don’t necessarily consider my writing as a way to create visual pictures for the reader. Or at least I’m thinking in words and not so much pictures during the creation process. I usually want readers to feel what I’m trying to express. With my voice thread, I started with the pictures, and I had to figure out which words should go with the pictures. Should my pictures tell the story? Do I need to describe the pictures? How does a narrative look when it starts with the pictures?  Visual imagery isn’t something I’m fluent with like language.  It has its own elements of style, and I definitely feel like a beginner when it comes to visual storytelling.  But it’s fun!  Pictures are fun.  And I think pictures are more accessible and exciting to most kids than words and language.  I can see my students being very engaged in voice thread production, and it feels like a tool that even primary level students could use.

The end product, the final voice thread, should tell a story that combines the best of language and visual images.  Great images alone, or great words alone, will not cut it.  I think students are visually literate enough to appreciate when the combination of words and pictures tells a compelling story.  Now, can they create those stories?  I can’t wait to see how they approach the process.

Now…if only I could embed my own voice thread into my blog like all you lucky blogger users.  A link will have to suffice.  Last but not least, my resource: Boomerang, an audio program geared toward elementary-aged kids.  Boomerang is all about “big ideas” that challenge kids to think in an engaging format.  I know that the audio format is just one digital input–no fancy images or hyperlinks to carry the listener to another place.  But it reminds me a lot of the radio shows that captivated kids in the 1930s and 1940s.  Who knew that Little Orphan Annie and The Lone Ranger were precursors to podcasts?  The downside to Boomerang is that the episodes are not free (although there is a free sample episode available)…perhaps a PTO request is in my future.


5 responses to “oh what fun…

  1. It was fun to learn more about you and discover something that you are truly passionate about. I especially liked the way you incorporated poetry, song lyrics and your own journey into your VoiceThread.

    I’m interested in hearing how you use Boomerang if you get your grant. I remember listening to Mystery Theater as a child with my dad, and I loved getting to visualize for myself what was happening in the story.

  2. I enjoyed watching your voice thread. Crewing on the Mississippi looks like such fun, but also hard work. I liked the questions you asked yourself in your blog about digital storytelling. Those are some thoughtful questions I should be asking myself.

  3. I really FELT your story because, true to digital storytelling, your words and your pictures complement each other so well. The feeling wouldn’t have been the same if you had used one without the other. I felt a sense of calmness from the river, brought on by your voice. All the while the beautiful pictures really took me there in ways I couldn’t have imagined since I’ve never experienced rowing first hand. Thanks for sharing such a fabulous Voicethread!

  4. Hi, Debi. You mentioned in class the other day that you may have discovered how to embed video into WordPress. If so, can you share the secret? I did some more digging today, and there is something called Vodpod that can apparently help you. However, I haven’t figured out how to use it to embed video on my WordPress account. Showing a link just isn’t the same as having the actually screen right there on the blog.

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