best of the turnip

championMy love of blogs and blogging continues.  This turnip forum has helped clarify my thinking, explore technology in new and exciting ways, vent my frustrations, and ask for help.  And now I get to award myself prizes!  How much better can it get?

Most professional post: “the new hidden curriculum?”

This is one of my earliest posts, but it still feels like the most professional one.  I describe a particular topic of interest to me as a special educator (the hidden social curriculum) and tie it directly to the skills Jenkins proposes as integral to digital literacy.  To me, this post balances exposition and inquiry.  I tell a little about what I know as a special education teacher and then ponder how what I’ve read will affect my teaching and my students.

Best design: “I’m not a girl.  I’m a football player.”

Apparently I don’t incorporate a lot of design elements into my posts.  There was very little fanciness to choose from in this area.  In the end I chose the post about digital storytelling because of the way I organized the text.  Does that count as design?  I used a bulleted list (so cutting edge!) to help readers skim through the post without feeling bogged down in paragraphs and sentences.  In my other posts I tend to embed links within my “usual” writing style so the links themselves don’t visually distract readers.  Those embedded links feel like little bonus features to me…hyperlink magic that the reader can choose to follow or not.  But in this post I wanted to make sure the sites themselves were the key feature.  Lists are supposed to be concise and accessible, and I think the bulleted list style kept me from rambling on and on.

Most creative post: “toes first”

Hmmm…creative meaning what exactly?  I don’t think I was too creative in my posts, mostly because I don’t attach that adjective to myself.  But I liked “toes first” because it was short and sweet and completely captured how I was feeling.  I didn’t set out to write an analogy or metaphor; I just wanted to explain how it felt to start participating in role play.  I consider “toes first” an interruption in my regularly scheduled programming (meaning a little breather between all those other posts that reflect on my work, my worries, my goals).

People’s choice: Isa’s post on Digital Storytelling

I could pick a people’s choice entry from every cohort blog I’ve read over the past few months.  Maybe that will be another post.  But I landed on Isa’s post about digital storytelling because it combined our “choice” elements in a powerful way.  There are a couple links, but not so many that I felt overwhelmed, and Isa embedded an example of digital storytelling within her post so we could see it in action right there.  Isa described this storytelling as a kind of collective documentation of the people’s history, which gives me the shivers right now just thinking about it.  It’s amazing to be at the front of this movement in which we are the history writers.  Hurray for getting the shivers from a colleague’s post!


One response to “best of the turnip

  1. You have more images than I do and relatively less text, which encourages people to read more. I have enjoyed reading your posts with their clever titles and sense of struggle–how do I do this in my world? I certainly agree that Isa has some awesome posts–she and Mary K, for two, have really gotten into the professional literature. I have enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and look forward to your digital writing project!

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