I met with my writing group (from the MWP summer institute) today to get some preliminary feedback on my digital writing project.  I have missed them so!  And I have missed that collaborative aspect of writing.  Just a couple weeks ago in class we talked about collaborative writing in terms of a shared final product, but we forget that sharing our writing and soliciting feedback is yet another type of collaboration…Kelsey brought that point up in her post a few weeks ago.

I’ve been mulling things over with this final project, trying to decide how to tell my story, what parts of the story to tell, how to incorporate other voices.  And I’m kind of  stuck.  The marriage of words to visual images is a difficult new genre for me. But today my writing partners in crime (Brenda, Kelly, and Theresa!) offered so many great suggestions, and honestly, I never would have stumbled onto their ideas on my own.  My final project will be that much better because of them.  I ♥ my writing group.


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