peek part two

I’m still tinkering, fiddling, thinking, and wondering…how is this all going to come together?  My voice thread is about our trip to the inauguration last January, and there are so many things I can share.  But too many themes/ideas in one project dilutes its impact, so I’m narrowing things a bit.  Plus I am not skilled enough to make a coherent project that lasts much more than our 3-minute suggested time frame.

A little known fact about me: I am not a big fan of picture-taking.  I like looking at other people’s pictures, but I personally do not like to spend time taking my own pictures when I could be absorbing and just being.  Most of my trips and life events are concisely documented…I try to get just a few images that will capture the experience.  Part of me feels that if I’m busy clicking away behind a camera that I’m distancing myself from life.  For the most part, I rarely regret this choice.  But the inauguration was a whole different deal…

While I was there, in the moment, I was glad to be watching and listening and taking it all in.  I think I would have missed a lot if I was trying to document it all.  But when I got home, I realized there was no way I could keep all of those memories in my head.  Things get lost in there.  And we had very few pictures to remind us of the day.  The voice thread is a way for me to document with both words and pictures.  I can record those thoughts and memories that I fear will eventually fade away with time.  But oh, how to tell the story?  And is it a story, or a collection of moments?  Is there a narrative arc?  And what about my husband’s input?  I want him to record his thoughts as well, but I’m certainly not going to script him like I’ve scripted my parts.  I’ve made progress since my last post, but I’m nowhere near resolved on what the final product will look like.  We shall see what happens.


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