I am not really a turnip.  I am a teacher.

I started this blog as a way to explore ideas around teaching and writing (and teaching writing).  My students are no longer tied to papers and pencils and lined notebook pages to get their thoughts down in written form.  Now they are more likely to generate first drafts on the computer.  Their “reports” might take the form of a brochure or photostory.  The transition away from the physical act of handwriting is a promising development for many of my students.  Too often their writing skills are hampered by fine motor difficulties or legibility issues.  Digital writing can be an equalizer, but it too requires planning, prioritizing, and problem-solving.

So…my blog starts from that framework.  Who knows where we’ll end up?


6 responses to “About

  1. It’s an exciting journey! Digital writing holds such promise for students who see themselves as non writers in the traditional sense.

  2. I like your photo and the humor of it all. I apologize in advance for the length of my first entry. I guess since my daughter’s blog was my first model, I’ve followed her lead of more is more!

    At first I was very uncomfortable when we went from a five paragraph paper to a brochure as the required product for one of the fourth grade social studies units. Now I expect the project will be truly multi-media before long! With elementary, the challenge will be two-fold: time to do it all (of course) and safe searching.

  3. Deb, what I love about reading your blog entries is that I can hear your voice so clearly. I can just hear you perfect “voice-over”voice saying … “I’m not really a turnip. I’m a teacher”


  4. oops, I forgot the “i” in Debi ;-)

  5. Love the turnip, Debi. Very fun.
    I agree that digital writing can be a great equalizer for students who have fine motor/legibility issues. Authentic audience and the variety of possible products can be so motivating to students. And yes, it requires a great deal of creativity and planning by teachers. I wonder what our students can teach us if we give them the opportunity

  6. Thanks for sharing your Teacher + Student blog about the Neddiad. What a motivating way to draw kids into a book discussion! I wasn’t familiar with this book. I’ll have to check it out. Janice

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